Botox is a medical drug obtained from bacteria called ‘Clostridium Botulinum’. There is no relationship with the snake venom’ which is circulating among the people. Before its aesthetic use, it was used in neurological diseases, in children born with paralysis for muscle spasms, in urology for ureter spasms, in ear-nose-throat for vocal cord spasms, and in migraine treatment; Anti-aging, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation effect was discovered later.

Contrary to popular belief, Botox is not an application applied to every part of the face; It is effective in reducing the lines that usually occur around the eyes, around the lips, and between the forehead and eyebrows. Deep lines and wrinkle removal applications are mixed with this aspect. Deep lines are minimized not with botox, but with the filling method. You can also achieve full lips with the filling method, not with botox. It is also misinformation that botox should not be applied at an early age. The sooner the contraction of the muscles is softened, the fewer wrinkles occur in the person.

At the same time, botox is not a savior in very advanced eyelid and eyebrow drooping; Progressive droopy eyelid can only be cured by eyelid surgery. In addition, if the application is not done by a specialist, it may cause a droopy eyelid. For this reason, do not entrust your face to non-expert hands; sometimes this can get you on a difficult path to return.

Botox is also an alternative method for those suffering from excessive sweating, migraine treatment, and teeth grinding.

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