Breast Aesthetics

Breast Aesthetics


  • Breast Augmentation Surgery (silicone breast surgery)
  • Breast Reduction
  • Nipple Aesthetics (Inverted Nipples)
  • Breast lift

Breast Augmentation Surgery (Silicone breast surgery)

Breast augmentation or breast augmentation surgery with silicone prosthesis-implant is a surgical intervention performed to shape the breast and give a larger appearance. In recent years, with the technological developments, silicone breast prostheses-implants have also been developed and a point of frequent use, almost like dental prostheses, has been reached, which will not pose an obstacle to health.

In the USA alone, over 300 thousand women (over the age of 18) have breast silicone surgery every year. This number is increasing every year. It is estimated that approximately 5000 women in our country have this surgery every year.

Breast silicone is round in shape or in the form of a tear (drop). The preference is determined by the condition of your breast and the decision you will make with your Plastic Surgeon. Silicone gel filling of breast silicones has been seen as inconvenient for 15 years in the USA, but has been increasingly used in the USA for about 5 years with those filled with saline. Because the one that feels like a real breast and close to nature is the one filled with silion gel.

Determining the new size of the breast is determined by some measurements by your doctor and some of your wishes. Going out of these measurements can make the appearance of the breast unnatural.

This surgery is a surgery that takes an average of 2 hours in the hospital environment and operating room with general anesthesia. Again, depending on the condition of your breast, it can be placed over the muscle, under the muscle or by including both (dual plan). The hospital stay is 1 day. The incision site can be nipple, under the breast or armpit.

Breast Reduction

Your breast may be larger than normal. However, this situation will sometimes occur in the form of problems such as neck pain and back pain as well as aesthetic appearance discomfort and will require surgery.
The development of surgical techniques in recent years has made it possible to perform much less scarring now in breast reduction operations. These incision scars are often called inverted T (or anchor scar) or lollipop scar (vertical technique). The techniques used in these surgeries are the same as breast lift-up surgeries.

Expectation in breast reduction should not be perceived as too much reduction. You should discuss this with your surgeon in detail. Otherwise, you may encounter situations such as silicone implantation after breast reduction.

These surgeries take between 2-4 hours. You may need to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. It may take 5-6 months for the breast to take its final shape, as in any plastic surgery procedure.

Nipple Aesthetics (Inverted Nipples)

Flattened nipple or buried nipple is a condition seen in 10% of women. Sometimes it can be seen in one breast and sometimes in both. Some women are born this way. If it is a condition that occurs during childhood or adolescence, it is necessary to consult Plastic Surgeons because this may be a sign that the milk ducts are not developing.
If there is a situation that occurs at later ages, the reason is; where there may be infection that has occurred; In this case, the milk ducts may be preserved, only by pulling in the nipple, the ligaments remaining from the infection are separated and the nipple is freed.

In this case, many treatment methods are possible; The shape of the treatment is determined by how deep the nipple is and the structure of the nipple. Surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia or sedation.

As a result, this situation, which is noticed especially with breastfeeding, has become a condition that is treated in a short time with today’s aesthetic surgery methods and results are obtained.

Breast Lift

Breast lift or breast removal surgeries with general use are operations performed to correct the deformity that occurs after birth or after rapid weight gain and loss. These surgeries are technically similar to breast reduction surgeries.
In general, it is observed that breast lift-up surgeries are performed with silicone breast prosthesis. In fact, although it is not wrong, breast lift can be achieved by just putting silicone in some cases. You can only detect this after having an examination with your doctor.

The incisions used are the same as the incisions made for breast reduction. It is performed under general anesthesia and usually 1 day stay in the hospital.

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