Burn Treatment

Burn Treatment

Hot water or fire burns constitute an important part of emergency admissions. Especially babies’ skin is very sensitive and it burns easily. Since immune systems are not fully developed, the healing process can be problematic and long. Children under 5 years of age have local or severe burns, most often caused by hot drinks. A drink that is not considered hot for an adult can cause severe skin burns for babies and children.
When neglected, burns can cause lifelong loss of scar and function. Especially; Burns of hands, face, feet and genital area may require hospitalization. The body surfaces of babies and children are small, but different in proportion to an adult. Therefore, even a small burnt area can be life-threatening. Applications such as toothpaste and yogurt should be avoided on burns. In superficial burns, the use of herbal or other materials can cause infection, as well as a superficial burn can turn into a deep burn.

When burned, the first thing to do is to be calm and cool the area. 10 min. Keeping water and cooling the burnt area prevents both pain and deepening of the burn.

If there is tight clothing in the burning area, this should be removed immediately, but if there is a fabric adhering to the burning surface, it should not be intervened. Do not use anything that could stick to the burn area by wrapping it with a kitchen cling film.

After performing these procedures, you should go to the nearest emergency room. Burn scars and adhesions are one of the areas where plastic surgery is commonly dealt with.

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