Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Surgery Summary

Anesthesia Type: Local Anesthesia
Duration of Operation: 10 – 30 Minutes
Hospitalization Time: 3 – 6 Hours
Recovery Time: 1 – 2 Days

Also known as carpal tunnel syndrome, the disease can be treated in a short time with surgical intervention. The disease, which also corresponds to nerve compression, is one of the diseases brought about by the new era. It can be seen much more clearly in the wrist area of the human body. It is quite normal for people who use their hands too much during the day to experience this problem, and carpal tunnel syndrome will also occur with nerve compression. Carpal tunnel surgery produces successful results and you can get rid of this problem with surgical intervention. Middle-aged women have a much stronger risk of carpal tunnel, but the age group this disease is at risk is not only middle-aged women.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Preparation

Along with the EMG test, anesthesia tests are some of the tests to be performed before surgery. Depending on the response to these tests, the surgical intervention process is initiated. It is useful to stop smoking and alcohol consumption at least 1 week before the surgery. The hospital staff and the staff who will take part in the surgery will do the necessary procedures for the preparation of the patient. After the preparation of the operation room is completed, action will be taken for the surgery. It is one of the daily operations and the patient will receive a maximum of 1-day hospitalization. It does not take long for you to adapt to your daily life.


Also known as carpal tunnel syndrome, the disease has a number of symptoms as in any disease. One of these symptoms, and the most important one, is the loss of power in the hand. Tingling and numbness are other symptoms. The loss of power will also affect the daily life of the person negatively. Especially in the works you do by using your hand, you will get tired more quickly and you will feel the loss of power in the hand more clearly. If you are faced with such a problem, you need to consult a physician immediately. Carpal tunnel disease can be treated in a much shorter time with early diagnosis and the treatment will become the subject without the need for surgical intervention.

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