About Foot Bone Surgery

About Foot Bone Surgery

Surgery Summary

Anesthesia Type General Anesthesia

Duration of Operation 1 – 2 Hours

Hospitalization Duration 1 – 2 Days

Return to Work Time 2 – 3 Months

About Foot Bone Surgery

The foot bone structure has developed in a way that it can carry the load of the body without deformation, as long as it is not under extreme effects for a long time. Foot bones fulfill their functions on a certain axis and enable the individual to walk without any problems for a lifetime. However, this flawless process is disrupted due to various controllable and uncontrollable effects and situations may arise that require intervention. Situations that require intervention generally reduce the standing capacity and walking capacity of the individual; Even if these activities do not eliminate the capacity to walk and stand, if these activities are performed, they manifest themselves as problems that cause reactions such as pain and pain.

Orthopedic specialists are responsible for treating deformities, injuries and crushes that may occur in the foot bone for any reason. Since the functions it undertakes on the body are vital, any surgical and non-surgical intervention in this area should be performed by physicians specialized in foot anatomy. Foot bone surgeries are presented and applied as a solution to the problem where the problem reaches the capacity that can affect walking and standing. Deformities such as hallux valgus are the leading problems that make walking and standing difficult.

About Foot Bone Surgery

Foot bone surgery is a surgical method that aims to completely eliminate the problem known as the foot bone protrusion among the people. With this method, the hallux valgus that non-surgical methods cannot eliminate is completely resolved and the patient returns to his usual life without any problems.

Hallux valgus, ie foot bone protrusion, basically occurs for two reasons. The first of these is genetic. Since people do not have a chance to interfere with genetic causes, if the cause is genetic, what should be done is early diagnosis and treatment. The second reason is a situation under the control of individuals. The foot has certain needs while performing its usual functions. One of these needs is a shoe suitable for ergonomics. Foot bones develop around a certain axis and react with pain and pain in the slips experienced from this axis. Shoes that tighten the tip area of the foot on both sides and used for a long time are the main cause of this ergonomic disorder. Even if there is no genetic predisposition, the hallux valgus, which occurs due to the use of inappropriate shoes, is the unsuitable position of the two bones carrying the main load of the body. The first comb bone of the thumb turns inside and presses the thumb bone outward. As a result of this compression, a triangle-like angle occurs between the two bones. When viewed from the toe profile of the foot, the outer point of the angle forms a bulge. The reason why hallux valgus is known as the toe bone protrusion among the people is this protrusion. This protrusion, which is clearly seen when viewed from the profile, is more common in women than in men.

Although it cannot be said as the main factor, another reason that can be said as a side factor is the presence of excess weight. According to statistical data, the main reason in hallux valgus cases is the use of improper shoes, while the related cause seems to be obesity; The third reason is stated as genetic predisposition. Foot bone protrusion is one of the most common orthopedic problems related to the foot. Although the definitive solution for this orthopedic problem is surgery, non-surgical methods can also be applied before surgery to eliminate pain and reduce the rate of progression.

Conditions Requiring Foot Bone Surgery

The reasons that make up the foot bone are divided into two as genetic and environmental. Foot bone surgery is not applicable in every case. The methods primarily applied to patients with this complaint are non-surgical methods. The main purpose of these methods is to reduce or even stop the progression rate of hallux valgus deformity, which is known to be progressive. The main motivation for the surgery is whether the protrusion brings pain and pain. Surgical applications are generally not performed for painless hallux valgus deformity, but can be performed for aesthetic purposes if the patient demands. Surgical applications remain the only method to be applied if non-surgical methods are ineffective on pain and the pain makes the patient’s life unbearable. In other words, the main condition that requires surgery is the presence of pain and the degree to which this presence affects the life of the patient. The aesthetic anxiety present in the patient can be presented as a secondary motivation.

Hallux Vagus (Foot Bone Protrusion)

Hallux valgus is the name of the deformity known as the protrusion of the foot bone in the medical literature. There are genetic and environmental factors that make up the foot bone protrusion. Environmental factors include the use of unsuitable shoes and weight problems. As a result of these factors disrupting the foot bone structure, a triangular angle is formed in the bone structure of the thumb and the thumb becomes unable to perform its functions. If the situation is not noticed and the same performance is expected from the foot, the second finger, which has not developed to carry the load, tries to take on the role of the thumb. As a result, pain begins in the second finger, which is not possible to replace the thumb. Hallux valgus is an orthopedic problem that must be treated. Due to the protrusion created by the bone on the lateral profile of the foot, it is popularly called the foot bone protrusion.

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