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Hair Transplant Types

Our internationally experienced Hair-transplantation Team uses the DHI pen technique for planning and for transplanting as well. The DHI pen technique is the most preferable in hair transplantation. The difference between the FUE and the FUT technique is the use of the special Choi pen during transplantation. Moreover, unlike other techniques, the DHI technique offers the advantage of an unshaven hair transplant. The healing process with the DHI technique is faster and much more comfortable than the FUE technique.
Our internationally experienced team transplants 100 grafts in 1 cm2. We offer in total 10,000 hair transplants that only a few doctors in the world and Turkey can perform at the same time with the cheapest prices in the most luxurious hospitals in Turkey.

FUE hair transplantation

  • The FUE the most common hair transplantation technique

– When the area to be transplanted is large, the Fue technique is used.
– The hair is shaved.
– The maximum number of hairs can be transplanted in one session.

DHI hair transplantation

  • The DHI is a technique that offers a more natural look and quick recovery.

– If the area that needs to be transplanted is small, then the DHI technique is preferred.
– Hair can be transplanted without shaving.
– The healing process is faster.

Hair transplantation for Women

  • Hair transplantation in women has been a very popular procedure lately.

– In general, unshaven hair transplantation is the most preferred than others.
– The DHI technique is used as it is liked without shaving.
– Since it is made with the DHI, it guarantees quick recovery and natural appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Low Prices
It is a proven truth that in our country you can get our medical services very easily and inexpensively, the same as those offered in other European countries, with the same trust and quality. As we service, we optimize costs for the benefit of our patients and create affordable solutions.
As we put it earlier, our priority is patient satisfaction. For this reason, we determine the overall prices, in terms of continuity with our patients, that must be met by both parties . We guarantee that no additional costs are included, except for complications at international rates, which are usually acceptable for treatment. For our patients, our contract hospitals and other partner doctors offer discounts of up to 5%.
Quality service
We do what we know and work meticulously. We produce high-quality services for all our patients.
Openness to hints and innovations
By listening to the wishes of our patients, we benefit from the innovative solutions and approaches that we have achieved through detailed analysis.
Multi-Language Support
We offer services in seven languages, which are spoken in many countries . You can contact us via our support programs ” WhatsApp " and "Live support programs". As consultants, we work in different languages. These consulting services will be provided free of charge.

Health services in Turkey are 70-80% cheaper than in Europe and the United States.

Turkey is # 1 in the world with 52 JCI accredited hospitals while 10 hospitals have been accredited by TEMOS. Turkey Ministry of Health has 87 coorporative agreements with 53 countryin the field of health, because of its worldphysical condition and equipment standards.

Since the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, no pain will be felt during the operation.

In hair transplantation, hair follicles that are coded not to fall out are used on the nape of the head so that hair will not fall out for a lifetime.

There is no scar after the hair transplantation.

No, that is not possible.

It may not be possible, a medical exam will determine if it is suitable for hair transplantation.

Hair transplanted by experts looks natural and it is almost impossible to distinguish it from other hairs.


Hair loss is a common condition in both men and women, depending on hormone levels, genetics, and aging. This leads to a lack of self-confidence in people and significantly affects the quality of life. With the recent development of hair transplantation methods, satisfactory results can be obtained and the person’s natural appearance can be preserved.

Beni Haberdar Ediniz
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