Known Mistakes in Advanced Mitral Valve Insufficiency

The mitral valve is located between the left ventricle of the heart and the auricle and …

Heart Surgery Through the Eyes of Mustafa Güden

The idea formed as a result of Mustafa Güden’s experiences; From the moment the patient decides to have surgery …

What is Dry Needle Therapy?

It looks very similar to acupuncture in shape but differs in applications …


Cholangiosarcoma is divided into liver and liver…

Health Tourism in Turkey

The new address for health tourism FlytoRemedy.

Turkey, where not only the intersection of east and west but also an important place in world history, has also become popular in the world of medicine Government-backed private sector investment, health care reform, unique cultural and geographic beauty of Turkey, a country merging with a global health tourism market “overview”. This change is a pioneer in private sector investment in healthcare in Turkey. The private healthcare industry in Turkey has made significant improvements in healthcare services using medical technologies that go beyond the standard. Turkey, which also has the latest technology in hospitals, houses the 2000 Health Authority. 54 of these are JCI (Joint Commission International) approved hospitals. This is 21% among 58 countries of the world with such accreditation. JCI-certified hospitals in Turkey have a well-developed network of affiliates, equipped with medical services, employing 150,000 healthcare professionals, 15,000 of them are doctors.

Quality medical services, geographic location, and affordable price range in Turkey are among the leading in the healthcare sector for foreign patients.

Beni Haberdar Ediniz
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