Nose Aesthetics

Nose Aesthetics

Nose surgery (rhinoplasty-was nazoplas) is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery operation in Turkey. When you think of rhinoplasty, maybe you immediately think of a tiny and raised nose with visible nostrils.

But just as the dressing trends (trend) are changing, nose aesthetic surgery should now be in a natural appearance in the 21st century, and the result should be obtained. Nose surgery and especially rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most difficult operations. Planning and experience of the surgeon are the most important factors. Nasal tip aesthetics, nasal tip lift is a very rare procedure. It is necessary to think of the nose as a structure placed on columns. It may not be right to play with only one zone.

Of course, the most important thing is that the functional result is good. Otherwise, a nose reduction or a beautiful looking nose may not be satisfactory.

Before having rhinoplasty, research the Plastic Surgery specialist well and watch the photos or videos of his surgery. “

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