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Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

FlytoRemedy” is aware of its responsibilities to the global world, focused on employee and customer satisfaction, integrated with the medical team, and with a teamwork approach.
It is a modern health tourism institution that is moving. Our institution is in accordance with medical ethics and scientific principles, bringing human health into economic and quality hands, aims to deliver health to all the people of the world under the beauty of consumption.

Our institution aims to bring the world’s patients together with the doctors and hospitals that offer hospitality and high scientific quality treatment services in Turkey.

It will be our practice to organize all kinds of side services that patients and their relatives may need in one hand while providing these services. It is our goal to ensure that patients and their relatives are properly functioning without problems when receiving the needs of transportation, accommodation, etc. outside of medical services. 

Our vision

As ” FlytoRemedy“, we aim to find the most used and effective digital access methods of our time and use them in our services. Through these communication channels, we will be able to meet patients and health care units. In our team from different branches, including a doctor related to medicine, we’ll work with people. In this way, we will treat patients in a way that is more satisfying, descriptive, and provides the flow of information that addresses the questions in their heads before they reach the health service. 

In addition, to increase the satisfaction of patients and their relatives, they will be able to be part of our service to increase their morale to the highest level by enabling them to meet the social and positional beauties of Turkey.

We know that we have doctors and hospitals in our country that are respected, competent, and also serve at a high level of knowledge. Among their intensive work, it is our greatest goal to contribute to the awareness of patients and to bring them together with the people of the world who need them. We want to work constantly and develop to being a health tourism company that is referenced in this regard.

Beni Haberdar Ediniz
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