Prominent Ear Aesthetics

Prominent Ear Aesthetics

This problem, which has various names among the people such as prominent ear and flail ear, is actually a very common congenital anomaly.

The prominent ear, which is usually noticed at a very early age, is easily corrected with an operation performed even at the age of 5-6 and contributes positively to the psycho-social development of children.

While otoplasty (prominent ear correction surgery) is performed under general anesthesia in childhood, it can be performed under mild sedation or completely local anesthesia in advanced ages. It is generally entered with an incision made behind the ear and permanent stitches are placed to fold the cartilage structures. Since the scar remains behind the ear, it is not easily noticeable.

After the operation, dressing is usually done for 3-5 days. Within a week and sometimes before, patients return to their social life.

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