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Quality Standards

As a FlytoRemedy, our Team has the task of providing support not only in the phase of receiving services from hospitals and doctors but in every phase that visitors need. You will find adequate and high-quality
support from the staff in each area of the service, such as Visa reception, Plane Tickets, Hotel accommodations, Transfers to hospitals and Hotels, punctuality in hospital appointments, provincial support in hospitals, etc.
In addition, other reasons for health care in Turkey with FlytoRemedy;

  • Turkey is one of the top 3 most preferred countries in world health tourism.
  • It is the most preferred country in Europe for health tourism.
  • In 2015, hospitals in Turkey successfully admitted and treated more than 750,000 patients from 144 countries.
  • Turkey has invested more than 30 billion US dollars in the establishment of new hospitals and the technology used in this sense in the last 10 years
  • More than 10.000 Doctors in Turkey have studied medicine in America.
  • Turkey is the 6th most preferred in the world in tourism.
  • Turkish Airlines connects you with direct flights from 291 airports in countries around the world to Istanbul.
  • The world’s most successful organ transplant doctors can be found in Turkey.
  • The world’s most successful physicians in stem-cell technology are located in Turkey.
  • The world’s most successful doctors for cancer treatment are found in Turkey.
  • It is the most welcoming country in the world for guests and visitors.
  • It is the only country in the world that has both high-quality standards and affordable prices.

Beni Haberdar Ediniz
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