Stomach Botox

Stomach Botox

Gastric balloon is one of the slimming methods that can be made by endoscopic means. It is a method that benefits due to the fact that the balloon in the stomach takes up space and the stomach fills more quickly and gives a feeling of saturation. A weight loss of 10-30 kg may be possible with gastric balloon treatments. However, as in all weight loss methods, permanent lifestyle changes of the patient and permanent improvement in eating and drinking habits make weight loss permanent.

What is this new weight loss method?

This method is one of the effective weight loss treatments performed endoscopically without surgery. Before this method came to the fore, Botulinum toxin was used mostly for aesthetic purposes. Botulinum toxin is a substance that can temporarily reduce the activity of smooth and striated muscles.

In this slimming method, six-month treatment begins with the injection into the muscle layer in the middle and close parts of the stomach. Stomach movements and gastric emptying become weaker as it stabilizes these muscles for a period of four to six months. Thus, as the foods leave the stomach later, it gives a constant feeling of satiety, thus contributing to weight loss.

In the beginning, it was seen that the desired weight loss success could not be achieved by injecting only the antrum, ie the area close to the stomach outlet. There has been a change in the injection form. In subsequent studies, injections were started on the fundus part (dome part) of the stomach. It is thought that ghrelin, the hunger hormone secreted from this region with injections made here, is under control.

Additional area injection made this slimming method popular again. It has become one of the non-surgical methods of weight loss performed by the endoscopic way such as a gastric balloon.

Who Gets Gastric Botox Treatment?

  • People with a body mass index above 27 who fail to lose weight through other methods such as diet and exercise.
  • People with secondary weight problems. For example Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

How Gastric Balloon is applied?

The patient to whom this weight loss method will be applied should wait for the last 8 hours without food or water before coming to the procedure. An empty stomach prevents the risk of aspiration in this procedure performed by being put to sleep under sedoanalgesia. During the procedure, generally, 200 or 300 units of the agent are administered in the form of deep injections starting from the antrum in a circular fashion to reach the muscles close to the outside of the stomach and giving the main ability to move. The diluted botulinum toxin is applied to approximately 8 or 20 areas into the antrum and the muscle layer in the fundus. In practice, 100 IU/ml, 300 IU/ml, and 500 IU/ml toxins were used, and 300 IU/ml is determined to be sufficient. The toxin substance in the injection focuses is spread by diffusion within a few days and becomes more effective.

What are the expectations in patients who have this method applied?

The toxin effect lasts up to 6 months after the injection of the stomach wall, during which time it has been observed that cases can lose 10 to 15 kilograms. Injected botulinum toxin is deactivated by the body at the end of 4 to 6 months.

After 6 months, a second injection can be given to lose some more weight.

Are there any harmful side effects of this procedure?

It is much safer compared to other weight loss methods. Nausea, fever, and vomiting may occur due to sedoanalgesia, ie sleep medications. Bleeding may rarely occur due to injection. These are easily taken under control.

Apart from these recommendations, when more than the doses are made, the drug may be absorbed and affect other organs. In such a situation, double vision, breathing difficulties, and muscle weakness may occur. For this reason, the recommended drug dose should not be exceeded and care should be taken to make it into the stomach muscle layer.

Post-procedure recommendations

The procedure is performed in 8-10 minutes by being put to sleep in the units of the Gastroenterology Department.

After the procedure is over, when the effect of sleeping pills wears off, you can resume your normal activities after about 2 hours. You can start eating orally. Liquid-based nutrition is recommended for the first day.

There may be a slight weakness that will last for a few days. However, it does not prevent you from going to work the next day.

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