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Known Mistakes in Advanced Mitral Valve Insufficiency

The mitral valve is located between the left ventricle of the heart and the auricle and …

Heart Surgery Through the Eyes of Mustafa Güden

The idea formed as a result of Mustafa Güden’s experiences; From the moment the patient decides to have surgery …

What is Dry Needle Therapy?

It looks very similar to acupuncture in shape but differs in applications …


Cholangiosarcoma is divided into liver and liver…

We Are Organizing Your Treatment

On the internet page “Flytoremedy.com” you can see all the sections in which we operate, and general information on various diseases. If you find the main topic of your illness, you can contact our health officer to get additional information via the WhatsApp icon or the live support line on the page and to read general information from this page.

At the end of the corresponding page, you will see a list of hospitals and doctors with whom we have agreed. After you have learned something about doctors, you are welcome to forward your information to our representative. If you share all your medical history, X-rays, and laboratory tests with us, you will be contacted by the desired hospital and doctor, and treatment planning will be prepared directly and returned to you.

“Flytoremedy.com” has also another function, which gives the possibility that you “can get a paid second opinion“. You can obtain information via the paid consultation link by sending your information and laboratory tests to the doctors with whom we have made an agreement. The second opinion or consultation fee of each doctor is determined by the doctor. After you have deposited the specified fee, you can conduct the consultation.

However, since our health representatives are medical personnel, the treatment organization can also be carried out free of charge by us if you have all the information instead of a paid consultation. We will continue to help you in which direction you decide.

After you have decided which hospital and which doctor should treat you, you can consult with our health officer again about other necessary procedures and ask the rest of the organization. (For Example, Visa Procedures, Flight Tickets, Hotel Accommodations, Hospital Appointments).

Beni Haberdar Ediniz
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