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Known Mistakes in Advanced Mitral Valve Insufficiency

The mitral valve is located between the left ventricle of the heart and the auricle and …

Heart Surgery Through the Eyes of Mustafa Güden

The idea formed as a result of Mustafa Güden’s experiences; From the moment the patient decides to have surgery …

What is Dry Needle Therapy?

It looks very similar to acupuncture in shape but differs in applications …


Cholangiosarcoma is divided into liver and liver…

We Arrange Your Stay

As a Flytoremedy, accommodate our patients in 3, 4, or 5-star hotels near the doctor or medical unit, where the treatment is carried out according to the patient’s wishes. Our contracted Hotels offer our patients a discount of 10% of their normal prices.

Apart from that, hospital services are also offered in many hospitals.
In this case, you will have the opportunity to use the facilities of the center where your treatment is carried out. In Vip rooms or suites you have the opportunity to stay together without being away from your patient.

For accommodation alternatives, you will receive detailed information from our representatives.

Beni Haberdar Ediniz
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